A new women’s consignment boutique opened its doors March 22 in the Henry’s shopping center in Encinitas. Owner Nathalie Phillips chose the store’s site carefully because of its central location and the availability of parking. Classy Closet is a family-owned business run by Encinitas resident Phillips. Born in Belgium and raised both there and in the Caribbean, Phillips began her career as an interior architect. She previously owned a children’s clothing boutique in Antigua. With her husband, Matt, and two small children, they decided to plant their roots in Encinitas. “Opening a new boutique in this economy is both exciting and frightening,” Phillips said. She noted that it happens to be the perfect climate for this type of business. “We offer an inexpensive way to shop, a way to recycle and improve on savings.” Classy Closet is aptly named, according to Phillips. “My boutique has a tranquil classy feel to it and the prices are affordable,” she said. “It is a friendly, classy atmosphere with affordable in-fashion clothes.”
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